Excellent Education – Erasmus+

The internationalization of VET as a path to Excellence

“Excellent Education KA2 Project”
7 partners from 5 countries work together to exchange experiences about excellent study programs for VET teachers and students in Europe.


is it necessary to develop a project on educational excellence?

Excellence programs can act as a catalyst to stimulate students to achieve higher goals.
  • To get the opportunity to follow additional programs with added value.
  • With excellence programs, attention will be paid to excellent students in VET education which will have a favourable effect on the reputation of VET education in general. 
  • Excellence programs focus on excellent students in VET education, which will have a favorable effect on the reputation of VET education in general.

What for

develop a project on educational excellence?

Teachers and students have the opportunity to develop competencies related to an excellent education.
  • Positive effect on attracting motivated students to VET education.
  • This opens the teacher’s eyes to a different way of teaching and coaching students.
  • Also, students learn about the growth mindset, creative thinking, and the learning pit. They experience a deeper level of learning and can develop higher career skills and competencies due to excellent education.
  • To talk the same language on different subjects and on excellent education.
  • To work on expanding their (international) network by meeting each other.
  • By learning about the excellent education methods of others, you can bring the best practices to your own organization.
  • Building a bridge between VET education and higher career skills and competencies.
  • Improve the reputation of VET education. 
  • Social inclusion for talented and ambitious students. 
  • To raise awareness of the need for excellent education and change the attitudes of teachers towards this subject.
  • Talking the same language about excellent education.
  • Use each other’s best practices and test them in your own country.
  • An international network.


can take part in these programs?

The primary target group of this project is teachers (+/- 30 in total) who are willing to learn more about excellent education.
  • The secondary target group is students (+/-60 in total) who are willing to be challenged in excellent education and can give feedback on the different programs.
  • Feedback of both target groups is important to learn about their views on excellent education and for developing a vision for excellent education.


are the programs carried out?

Teaching teachers about excellent education and how they can stimulate deep level learning by their students.
  • JongLeren y Santa Maria de los Angeles provide Málaga Business Bootcamp for teachers and students in collaboration with local organizations. In this 2 week Bootcamp, students live on their own, learn Spanish and work on a project provided by a local business.
  • Students visit the finals of the national skills competition and have their own skills competition on entrepreneurial/soft skills organized by OSAO. Teachers coach the students during this competition and assist in a workshop to learn how to integrate Skills into the curricula.
  • Students experience parts of the BrainBoost program and the Up program from Lanstede and ROC Midden Nederland. Teachers and directors take part in training on the vision for excellent education, coaching excellent students, and integrating excellent education into their curricula using practical tools.

What about

The programs

Málaga Business Bootcamp

The students, coached by teachers, work in a multidisciplinary international team on a real challenge proposed by a local business in Málaga.

Skills Competition


Students participate in a skills competition on entrepreneurship coached by teachers who take part in a workshop to learn how to coach and integrate Skills in their schools.

Brainboost | UP

Students experience the BrainBoost and Up programs, while teachers and directors receive training on the vision of excellent education, coaching, and integrating the programs into their organization.




Do you want to sign up for the “Keuzedeel” BrainBoost?

‘Develop education for young people who can and want more’. With this assignment, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science challenged MBO schools in 2015 to develop programs that promote excellent craftsmanship. Landstede MBO got to work and developed the BrainBoost excellence programme together with MBO Menso Alting. The idiosyncratic project became such a success that writing a book about it was a logical step, because knowledge must be shared! The National Taskforce for Educational Research (NRO) made the publication possible.

‘Excellence is not our thing, development is’ is the title of that book. It describes how the BrainBoost excellence programme was developed within Landstede Groep (Landstede MBO and MBO Menso Alting Zwolle) and what was discovered during the trip. The programme is about learning and about self-learning at all levels; from students and teachers to project management, actually for everyone.

BrainBoost offers students of Landstede MBO and MBO Menso Alting Zwolle who want and can since 2016 the opportunity to get even more out of themselves. On the basis of real-life assignments and coaching, students from different study programmes, and different years of learning, will work together for an afternoon every week for 22 weeks.

You can hardly explain it to others. You have to experience BrainBoost. This also applies to teachers. (a BrainBoost student in  Excellence is not our thing, we developl)

The book is written for teachers to show what is involved in making excellence education.

Also curious about the book? Take a look.

Ver Presentación en Español


Learn more about the project


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