Who we are

About Santa María de los Ángeles

Cooperative School

We are a Government-financed Cooperative School with 26 members (50 staff total) established in 1984 in Málaga, Spain.

Social Responsibility

All the activities of the school are implemented on the base of social responsibility.

Gender Equality

Gender equality takes part in all as a mainstream.

Our Students

Ages 16 to 25

Santa María de los Ángeles gives educational support to young people aged 16 to 25.


Spain’s non compulsory upper secondary school 2 year diploma, obligatory for entrance into Higher Education

Vocational training courses

Such as advanced travel agency, pharmacy, dietetics, auxiliary nursery care, sales, business administration and finance, etc.

Staff Members

Cooperative Members

year of establishment

The main principle for all activity in our school is to give young adults the skills and knowledge they will need in society and in their further studies.

This is achieved by high quality standard education, by reinforcing individuality and self-esteem as well as the physical and mental welfare of the students.


Using and developing new educational methods and offering our students a wider European as well as an international perspective on their studies is important to our school. In fact, from our experience in the Educational System if we want to create a European-validated model it is essential to act on an international basis. Even though running projects takes a lot of time and effort, and they are sometimes very difficult to fit into the curriculum, we believe that they reinforce the individuality and improve the self-esteem of the students. In addition to this, they also offer both the students and the teachers the European as well as the international perspective that is needed in today’s world.

    Intercultural Relations and Counseling Department

    Within this philosophy, the Intercultural Relations and the Counseling Department work together with a Youth Association “Plataforma de Alumnos Santa María de los Ángeles” in the following activities:

    • Offering counseling to young people, especially to those who are with fewer opportunities. We attend more than 400 young adults per year. Mentoring and coaching are included under this category.
    • Mobilizing young people through international exchange projects.
    • Educational and vocational mobilization of young people through the program Erasmus+ of the European Commission.
    • Spreading information, which is directly relevant to the young people and to their interests. Not only promoting the Youth-in-Action and other international projects in Andalucía but also implementing such projects by itself, too.

    non- discrimination objectives

    Our institute follows the measures taken by the Andalusian Government’s Policy to ensure the non- discrimination objectives regarding gender equality, integration of disabled students, enhancement of social and economic cohesion as it is stated in the annual action plan of the school’s “Equality Plan”. Our school is a certified “Peace School”: it develops solidarity and promotes tolerance among young people, in particular in order to foster social cohesion in the European Union.

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