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Have you always wanted to build up your own business?

Do you believe in social entrepreneurship and cooperativism?

The Cooperativa CDP Santa Mª de los Ángeles promotes social cooperativism to prevent and combat job insecurity and youth unemployment.Therefore, our educational center is participating in an Erasmus+ project called YOUTH COOPs promoting social and cooperative entrepreneurship among young people. 

“The project pursues the implementation of innovative practices in order to create a favourable environment for young people to engage in social cooperative entrepreneurship in their local communities, through the aim of bringing closer the youth organizations to the world of cooperatives, thus enabling young people to fully take advantage of the cooperative enterprise model.​”


Specifically, the strategic partnership has been formed by the following European organizations:

-Tribeka Training Lab (Malaga, Spain).
-Promimpresa (Italy).
-Prisma (Italy).
-Magenta Consulting Projects (Spain).
-European Center for Quality (Bulgaria).
-ICEP (Slovakia).

Learning Activities

From Social Needs to Social Innovation

Date: 23-27 September 2019 
Place: Gijón, Asturias, Spain

This learning activity focused on providing participants with skills to identify and analyze social needs in their community and meet those needs with social innovation strategies. 

Social entrepreneurship and Cooperative Business

Date: 20-25 October 2019 
Place: Sofia, Bulgaria

18 heads of organizations from Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and Slovakia have met this week in Sofia, from October 20 to 25, to continue collaboration in the YouthCoops Erasmus + Youth strategic partnership project, which aims promoting society Cooperativism as a formula to prevent and combat job insecurity and unemployment among young people.

During this week, the host organization of the European Center for Quality has implemented a program that has allowed us to simulate several examples of social cooperatives through the Canvas methodology, as well as make visits to social companies such as Blagichka – Zero Waste and Sofia Bread House – Community Center.

Soft-Skill training for Youth Coop Starters

Date: 24-29th November 2019
Place: Bratislava, Slovakia

The module aims to encourage the workers to develop the attitudes and skills that are needed to run a cooperative. 

Palermo Learning activity

Date: 17-21 February 2020
Place: Palermo, Italy

The final objective of this project will be to accompany 18 young people in the creation of a social cooperative, as well as in the design of an online portal that allows EU mentors and young entrepreneurs to use the cooperative formula to undertake social innovation projects . 

José Mergales, a previous student of Santa María de los Ángeles will participate in the learning activity of Palermo.

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