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Explore international opportunities in Europe and further.

Short Term

Moving abroad is a big life change and it’s understandable if it seems like too much. Maybe you’re not interested in living abroad but still want to experience other cultures. Maybe you’re interested but want to test yourself with something simpler before going abroad for a longer period. Either way – there are opportunities for that!


A youth exchange is probably the best way to start experiencing new lands. Usually, the project involves groups of young people from different countries coming together in one location and learning (in a non-formal way) about a topic. The topics can vary from culture to food to media to civil rights). Going with a group of other Spanish students also makes sure you’re not alone with travel or linguistic problems.

Most youth exchanges that you might find online are also funded by the European Union, which means that your travel expenses, accommodation, food and activities are covered to make sure that everyone can participate regardless of financial opportunities.

You can learn more about youth exchanges here: https://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/opportunities/individuals/young-people/youth-exchanges_en 

And see some opportunities from a local Málaga organization here: https://europaerestu.eu/ 


The European Solidarity Corps is a project by the European Union that lets young people (18-30) do volunteer work abroad for a short (up to two months) or long period (up to 12 months). The actual volunteering can be very different, but is usually related to culture, education, youth work or social causes. The EU covers the cost of transport, living, food and necessities so ESC is accessible to everyone, regardless of financial opportunities.

You can learn more about the project here: https://europa.eu/youth/solidarity_en 

And see some opportunities from a local Málaga organization here: https://europaerestu.eu/ 


What better way to spend the summer than as a camp instructor in the USA? Camp America is one of the largest and most professional organizations focused on letting young people from across the world work exciting jobs in youth camps. They’re also a long time partner of ours! There are some original fees but depending on how much you choose to travel afterwards, it’s possible to live the American summer experience for very little costs.

You can learn more about Camp America here: https://www.campamerica.co.uk/ 

Your Camp America interviewer is also your Career Advisor at Santa María, so it couldn’t be easier? Talk to him through Hangouts!


Bootcamp is a project oriented to business skills, but accessible for everyone. Students form teams and help a local business develop its business by generating ideas and offering plans. The Bootcamp usually takes place in Málaga, but the participation of young people from different countries (often The Netherlands) makes it a really international experience. The project generally lasts two weeks and is entirely free for the participants.

Not long enough? That’s okay, this is just the starting point. A lot of people who do short-term projects move on to studying, volunteering, or working abroad!

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